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The ED 80Sf was initially listed as an entry level APO, but now with so many astronomers giving us such glowing reviews, it appears that we will need to reclassify this product! The ED80Sf refractor features high-grade glass and quality components. Coupled with a medium f/7.5 focal ratio, the ED 80Sf delivers a sharp, color-free image of high contrast. At only 22.4", this is our ultimate grab-n-go APO travel scope. The ED80Sf comes complete with Aluminum Case, Flip Mirror, finder Scope and Rigs.

Optical tube :80mm (3.15") ED Apochromatic Multi-coated 
Focal Length / f# :600mm f/7.5
Eyepiece :Not included 
Highest Useful Magnification :160x 
Light Gathering Power :131x 
Resolving Power :1.45 arc sec, 11.3 
Optical Tube Length: Length 570mm / 22.4" Tube diameter 100mm/4 in 
Outside Dew Shield Diameter :116mm 
Optical Tube Weight :7.5 lbs. / 3.4 kg. 
Accessories :Dovetail Plate, Tube Rings, Finder Scope, Flip Mirror, Case 
Photography :Prime Focus, Eyepiece projection and Afocal Imaging

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