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Altair 10x60mm RACI Finder Scope

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Altair 10x60mm RACI Finder Scope
Part Number: AF60-RACI-IREP
Availability: please email for delivery time
The Altair Astro 10x60mm finder scope is a larger and more powerful upgrade to standard 8x50 finders. It gathers more light, resulting in a brighter image delivering almost half again as much light to your eye. Many more objects are visible in this finder than in standard 50mm finders.
The Altair Astro 60mm finder also has many more features than your average finder scope:
  • This finder is right angled for more comfort, with a corrected field (i.e. not mirror-reversed like other finders), so objects actually match their orientation in your star chart.
  • The focuser can also be rotated 360° and locked in seconds (requiring some re-alignment afterwards). The 10mm larger objective and a little extra power compare to 8x50 finders, yet has almost the same size and weight.
  • The included quick-release finder base has 4x 4mm slotted holes in the base allowing you to fit it to most telescopes on the market, such as Celestron and Meade, SCTs, refractors such as William Optics, Vixen, Skywatcher. (The mini-dovetail wedge on the bracket will fit any GSO or Skywatcher telescope directly in fact but we suggest you use the included base because it has 2x clamping screws, for better alignment).
  • The CNC machined bracket is light yet rigid to keep alignment. Nylon tipped screws do not damage the durable high quality and moisture resistant paint on the aluminium tube.
  • All objective lenses are anti-reflection coated and the tube and dewshield are internally blackened to increase contrast. The included illuminator has a variable setting, which illuminates the cross hairs in the eyepiece. The included eyepiece has a dark field illuminated cross-hair, so you can easily see it glowing faintly against the background sky, unlike the finders which usually come packaged with telescopes with have dark cross-hairs, making it hard to find objects.
  • The high quality 1.25 FMC illuminated eyepiece has good eye relief for glasses-wearers, and a wide field of view. It has a side-port to screw in the variable darkfield illuminated reticule, and the finder can be very easily focused, using the included helical focuser.
  • The higher 10x magnification is better for astro-imagers who want to centre an object more precisely in the camera field-of-view, yet the field of view is still very large.
  • With an extremely fast F3.75 doublet achromat lens operating at 225mm focal length, the finder tube performs very well as a micro-guider, or for use with an electronic eyepiece for remote real-time finding or remote alignment of your telescope mount. You can accurately guide up to 1.2m focal length telescopes. In the right hands, 2m is possible or even more. Customers keep pushing this system further...
  • Weight is 955g in Finder configuration and 795g in Miniguider configuration (with optional autoguider adapter)
Altair 60mm finder package contents:
  • 23mm wide field eyepiece with illuminated glass engraved reticule.
  • CNC machined variable brightness LED illuminator, which plugs into the eyepiece. The illuminator requires 2x LR44 or GPA76 batteries (not included).
  • Smooth 1.25" helical focuser - accepts any 1.25" eyepiece.
  • 1.25" erect image prism.
  • 60mm F3.75 multi coated doublet Achromat finder OTA with rotating rear assembly.
  • Special dual-clamp mounting bracket to fit most SCTs and refractors on the market. 
  • Alu Tube rings with 6x Nylon tipped adjustment screws.
  • Mini-rail to connect the tube rings.
  • Front and rear end-caps.
  • Tough foam filled carboard case.

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