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Centre-Arm Tripod Mount for Altair 100mm Binoculars

Centre-Arm Tripod Mount for Altair 100mm Binoculars

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Ideal for nature and sky viewing. A stable binocular mount for all 100 binoculars.
Rotary movement is free and precise in the horizontal and vertical axes.  Both vertical and horizontal axes have tension control and are lockable in position.
The base has an integrated standard tripod connector, and the mount fits all tripods with standard 3/8" inch Photo thread. 
The base can be left on the tripod and the mount left on the binoculars.
Then the mount can be dropped into the base quickly, or removed again (when the locking/tensioning thumbscrew is released), enabling very quick mounting to catch the action. 
Suitable for magnification up to approx. 50x
Cost effective way to mount your 100mm Binoculars to any tripod with 3/8" Standard thread
Allows fast, precise rotation to track moving objects
Low weight and portable compared to a fork mount
Quick to mount your binoculars
Please see image "How to remove base/foot from Altair 100mm Binoculars" in the thumbnail images. Click to enlarge image.

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