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DigiFire 12 Heavy Duty Controller

Your Price: $349.00
DigiFire 12 Heavy Duty Controller
Part Number: 2001-12
Availability: Special Order
Kendrick's heavy-duty "Prosumer" model with 4 individual adjustable heater ports and programmable power supply suitable for powering popular DSLR cameras. The new DigiFire 8 and 12 models have all the features of our former DigiFire 7 and 10 models, plus some impressive new improvements.

Both models feature:

  • Heavy-Duty, individually adjustable power output for up to 4 heaters.
  • Built-in 8V DSLR Power Supply. Just add our DSLR Battery  Adapter (extra and not included) and power you DSLR from the Dew Controller. 
  • 2 DC Accessory Ports
    • 1 Port 12V up to 15 Amp output
    • 2nd port programmable for 12V OR 8V (DSLR Camera Power). Up to 1.5 Amp output
  • 15 Amps total power (max 7 Amp with Cigarette Lighter Plug).
  • Dimmable lights! In fact, after 2 minutes, they shut-off! Pressing 1 of the 2 control buttons will "wake-up" the lights again
  • User Changeable Cord. We strongly recommend you "ditch the Cigarette Lighter Plug". Chose you own or add our Anderson Power Pole pre-welded (glued) plugs to get all 15 Amps the unit is capable of delivering.
  • Cord Management - Power other devices using the 2 DC Accessory Ports. For example, our 12V USB Hub.
  • Low Voltage Cut-Off - A Kendrick Standard that saves your battery from permanent destruction.
  • NEW>> Disable Low Voltage Cut-Off. We don't recommend it, but if you want to drain your battery beyond repair it is now possible.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Temperature Sensing control for 2 of the 4 heater ports.
    • Heaters are only powered when the temperature of your optics reaches the level you choose. It works on the difference between Ambient Air Temperature and the temperature of your optics. Choose a setting that is 0-10 C°
    • Prevents unnecessary over-heating which degrades image quality
    • Saves battery power
  • Traditional "Duty-Cycle" settings are also available on all 4 heater ports
  • Our new temperature sensors are much more accurate and do NOT require "calibration".
The DSLR power supply is designed for normal astrophotography applications. Specifically, long exposures with momentary delay between exposures. It is NOT design for daytime burst exposures.

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