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LVI Smartguider 2 Auto Guider camera

LVI Smartguider 2 Auto Guider camera

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Off Axis Guiding is not recommended for the SG2



  The LVI SmartGuider 2 Imaging Control System goes beyond the simple concept of autoguiding. Astrophotographers know well that autoguiding is vital for obtaining clear and crisp long-exposure photos with pinpoint star resolution, but that s not all. Final images are the result of a complex process handled by different devices which must all work together flawlessly in order to get the desired photo quality. But in most of cases, the process isn t flawless.



  The LVI SmartGuider 2 Imaging Control System is an integrated solution which does the whole process required to make unparalleled in a fast, fun and easy way! No longer do you need a laptop, a reflex remote switch, a focuser control and other gadgets in the field: the elusive beauty of the Universe will now just be a few clicks away from your dreams!


  The LVI SmartGuider® 2 Imaging Control System comes with the special MGA unit which takes full control of your imaging equipment (mount, DSLR and focuser) to deliver the best result out of your telescope. The MGA can be easily hung on the mount with the hook on its back. This allows the remote control of all the devices connected to the SmartGuider® 2 camera through one cable only between the telescope and the Control Paddle!
No more wire tangles or nasty vibrations when taking your long-exposure pictures!



  The REFLEX section managed by MGA device controls a variety of Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Sony cameras by handling the same parameters that are usually managed by commercial software.


1. Exposure with single shots.

2. Bracketing - When switched on, the camera automatically takes a new sequence with an exposure as shorter as the stop down set.

3. Number of shots.

4. Pause between consecutive shots - for sensor cooling.

5. Mirror lock- up - to avoid vibrations caused by the mirror flip prior the shutter release.

6. Dark framing - When switched on, the camera automatically takes a new sequence when the telescope has been capped.

7. Delayed start - When switched on, the camera starts to capture images after the set time has expired.

8. Statistical info - Two windows with all parameters displayed.



  The FOCUSER section managed by MGA device controls all Baader Steeltrack  focusers when their motor drives (to be purchased separately) are plugged in. The MGA supplies power to the motor through 3xAA batteries placed inside the MGA unit.


1. Focuser model selection from an internal database.

2. Automatic calibration for absolute positioning.

3. Temperature compensation with an external thermo probe.

4. Temperature coefficient self-learning in an automatic way.

5. Permanent saving of one T coefficient.

6. Manual adjustment of the T coefficient.

7. Statistical info with parameters



  The LVI SmartGuider 2 Imaging Control System allows better control over more useful parameters to achieve professional guiding results in any condition. New options are:


1. DITHERING - allows a small framing displacement between Reflex single shots when activated. This will remove cold pixels (black holes in the raw images) out of the final image when dark frames are removed and the subject is perfectly stationary in the same portion of the imaging sensor.


2. PULSE GUIDE - sets the duration of the corrective pulse. Together with the AGGRESSIVENESS, this parameter helps in better tuning the right correction to the mount avoiding dangerous overcorrections.


3. THRESHOLD - allows for hot pixel removal by adjusting the background noise level. Pixels having an ADU value lower than threshold value are not considered by SmartGuider 2 camera while searching for a guide star. This avoids hot pixels beeing considered as fake stars.


4. MAX EXPOSURE  sets the max exposure limit to adjust the camera sensitivity and reaction.



- Automatic star search function

- Noise Threshold adjustable to avoid Hot Pixel

- Real time with focus and position with guide star on the 2.5" LCD screen

- Automatic axes calibration with permanent saving Screen backlight and beep sound adjustable

- Dithering for star displacement. - Aggressiveness and Pulse Duration adjustable

- Sub-pixel 2X autoguiding (to allow the usage of short guidescopes)

- REFLEX and FOCUSER Advanced Control

Read the review published by Sky at Night Magazine here



LVI SmartGuider 2 Imaging Control System comes with these accessories:

- Guiding camera head
- Control Paddle unit
- SmartEye parfocal eyepiece
- MGA unit
- Hard case with shaped foam inside
- No. 4 (four) cables
- Instruction manual with Tips and Tricks appendix, in English

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