Lens Shade 6" / 8"

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Celestron Lens Shade 6" / 8"
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Lens shade reduces formation of dew for longer observing sessions
Made of durable, flexible ABS plastic that won't chip or break like hard dew caps
Wraps snugly around your telescope tube and fastens with Velcro
Lens shade can be stored flat or rolled up for convenient storage and transport
Fits 8" and 6" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes

Every owner of a Schmidt-Cassegrain or Maksutov telescope knows what a pain dew can be. When it forms on the front corrector plate or lens, it's usually time to call it a night.
The lens shade is the answer. It reduces the formation of dew, prolonging your observing sessions.

It also makes an excellent lens shade when using your telescope in daylight.

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