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M48 x 0.75 DSLR Adapter for Canon

M48 x 0.75 DSLR Adapter for Canon

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The M48 to DSLR Camera adapter lets you attach a Canon or Nikon DSLR camera directly to the Altair Astro M48 Adapters / Spacer system, as well as the Altair Astro PlanoStar TM and other field flatteners or reducers with an M48 male rear thread (see associated products).
Why buy this product? The M48 x 0.75 thread is also referred to as "Large Aperture T-Thread" because it's 6mm wider than the smaller 42mm T-Thread. This reduces the chance of "Vignetting" or light "cut-off" at the edges of the image-frame. 

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