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Precision Camera Focuser for auto guiding

Precision Camera Focuser for auto guiding

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The Altair Mini-Guider and Maxi-Guider System is based on the very popular Altair 60mm & 80mm finder scopes. 

This is the focuser-only upgrade for customers who already have the Altair 60mm Finder or 80mm Maxi-Finder and who want to use it for autoguiding with a webcam or autoguider head such as the iNova PLA-C2, QHY5, Orion USA Starshoot, or any other autoguider with a 1.25" barrel.

It can also be used as a straight-through 1.25" eyepiece adapter for your Altair Finder Scopes.

By adding this accessory, you can start auto-guiding immediately with your Altair 60mm or 80mm Finder. 
The Altair Astro 60mm finder is in fact completely ready for autoguiding, except for the helical focuser which while very convenient, is designed for eyepieces and is not rigid enough for auto-giuding. The 60mm doublet objective lens in the Altair 60mm finder is far higher quality than the lenses found in cheaper, and smaller finders, and will perform extremely well for a mini-achromat objective at this fast focal ratio. At F3.75 it delivers tight small star images with a very short exposure time - exactly what's needed for precision autoguiding up to 1.2m focal length.
The Altair 80mm Maxi-Guider is the larger brother to the 60mm Miniguider but it operates on the same principles, and this accessory works equally well with the 80mm F4.1 optical tube. Recommended for greater accuracy beyond 1.2m focal length.
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