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QHY183C 20MP colour Cooled CMOS

QHY183C 20MP colour Cooled CMOS

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QHY183C 20MP Back-side Illuminated Cooled Camera

  • Backside-illuminated high QE CMOS sensor
  • 20 megapixels
  • 1e- readout noise
  • Cooled CMOS camera
  • USB3.0
  • 4K UHD video capability


QHY183C employs Sony Exmor IMX183 CMOS colour sensor which carries 20 megapixels on a 1-inch chip. As a member of the QHYCCD COLDMOS series, QHY1834C has the capability to cool 40ºC below ambient, rendering a clean and quiet background for long exposure imaging. The optics window is heated with smart circuitry to prevent condensation from forming during cooling.

The QHY183C comes standard with USB3.0 interface providing a blazingly fast download speed. A built-in 4 pins filter wheel connector allows you to use QHYCCD filter wheel directly without extra connection needed. A 6 pins guiding port is also provided shall you want to use this as an autoguider, particularly for long focal length imaging scope OAG setup.

QHY's advanced amp-glow suppression technology is implemented in QHY183C to provide a clean background for long exposure astrophotography, an essential feature for any users planning to do deep sky imaging.  


  • QHY183C x1
  • M42 to 1.25" Adapter x1
  • 1.8m USB3 cable x1
  • 1.5m ST4 autoguiding cable x1
  • 3.0m DC 2.1mm power cable with secure lock x1
  • Cigarette power plug x1
  • High strength Pelican style case with padded high density foam x1

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