QHYCFW2-S 5 x 36mm

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QHYCFW2-S 5 x 36mm Motorized filter wheel
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Small size. Support five 36mm umounted filter.Thickness is only 15.5mm. It also support the six 1.25inch unmounted filter with an optional disk(need special order). The weight of QHYCFW2-S is 365g.A

QHYCFW2-S is the secondary generation color filter wheel of QHYCCD. We improved the mechanical design and electric design. The QHYCFW2-S has the following advantages:

  • Gear driven disk. Stable and solid.
  • Specially designed filter disk allow different glass thickness for unmounted filters. From 0.7mm to 5mm.
  • Motor moved to a corner to increase the work area.
  • Increased the precision for filter location.
  • Support USB port and powered by USB when connected with computer.
  • Support the 4PIN QHY CFW socket on QHY11,QHY21/22/23 and InterCam series camera.
  • Support the 2pin socket with QHY9(Need external power supply).
  • Open Source Firmware, Arduino compatible

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