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Vixen' s NEW AX103S, f/8.0 Refractor features a three element objective lens, incorporating a central ED lens. This reduces chromatic aberration and yields high contrast images. In combination with the rear Field Corrector Lens, the AX103 Refractor yields clear images to the edges of the field of view. "Precision Multi-Coating" applied to the lenses, assures high light transmission. Astronomy Magazine states "Its superb optics allow high magnification views". Sky at Night Magazine states: "With its excellent build quality and rich feature set, we thoroughly recommend this system if you are looking to upgrade from your current setup". Manufactured in Japan and covered by a 5 Year Warranty. Includes 7x50 finder ,dovetail, tube rings, carry handle, and flip mirror. Read the AX103S Manual here

Optical Design ED Apochromatic Quad Element Refractor Aperture 103 mm (4")
 Focal Length 825mm Focal Ratio f/8.0 
Coating Multi Coating 
Resolving Power 1.13 arc sec 
Limiting Magnitude 11.8 
Light Gathering Power 217x 
Finder Scope Optional
Adapter Thread 60mm/50.8mm 
Astrophotography Prime Focus, Eyepiece Projection and Afocal Imaging 
Outside Dew Shield Diameter 140mm 
Visual Back Compression Ring 
Optical Tube Length 27 (690mm) 
Optical Tube Diameter 4.5" (115mm) 
Optical Tube Weight 10 lbs 
Accessories Tube Rings Available Accessories Flip Mirror
Diagonal; Dovetail Plate; 7x50 Illuminated Finder Scope; Carry Handle

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