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VS60 Guidescope

VS60 Guidescope

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Shown in white, but shipped in all anodized black.

The VS60 Guidescope is the result of taking a fantastic product from Antares and turning it into a 60mm Guide scope.  This 60mm guidescope is the perfect upgrade for your 50mm guider.  The original VS60 finderscope has been upgraded with a 100mm extension to allow it to be used as a straight through guidescope.

The scope features a 6 point adjusting rings for easy alignment to either your object or a guide star. It also has a synta style base for easy attachment onto a wide range of scopes.  

Featuring a helical front focuser for easy focusing, and a 1.25" centering twist lock adapter for the best hold possible. If you unscrew the adapter, this will give you a T thread so you can other accessories while still being able to focus using the front focuser.

The scope also has a built on dew shield to battle dew forming on the front of the lens. There is nothing on the market that can touch this. Very versatile and very easy to use.


Objective - 60mm
Focal length - 227mm 
Focal ratio -   f/3.78 
Material - Aluminum
Weight - 2 lbs
Made in Canada

Tested with Touptek, and QHY 5L-II (may require using the camera supplied parfocal ring), Mallincam Skyraider-AG, and more

*not compatible with ZWO camera.

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