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Visual Solar Filter 90 -100mm

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Visual Solar Filter 90 -100mm
Part Number: 6003
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The Classic Ring Style features solid metal collar all the way around the outside of the filter ring. 

The Classic Ring Style has a more rigid design and replaceable filter rings if the filter gets damaged. The rings are held in place with nylon thumbscrews.

Please note that these filters cannot accommodate dovetail bars, counterweight bars or other accessories or devices that extend to the front of the telescope. If your telescope has accessories that will interfere with the fit of this particular filter.  Please contact us prior to ording

NOTE: To ensure proper fit of the solar filter you must measure the outside diameter of the front opening of the telescope, binoculars or lens. To convert inch measurements to metric, multiply your tube diameter measurement that is in inches by 25.4. This will give you the diameter in millimeters.

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