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NEW from ZWO!

Using a device called an Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector (ADC) during planetary video imaging dramatically reduces the prismatic smearing caused by the passage of the light through our atmosphere and allows planetary images to be taken which show noticeably finer detail.

The ZWO now brings this wonderful piece of hardware to a lower price point while not sacrificing quality.

With a 1.25 connection on the input side, the ADC will connect to a camera with a T2 connection.  Each prism is made of BK7 Glass, with AR coatings.  The AR coatings are formulated to allow for most of the UV light to pass when imaging planets like Venus in UV when using the appropriate filter.

Adjusting the levers on the ADC is a snap.  The drag or feel of the lever movement is controlled by a set of O-rings located between the base of the levers and the ADC body.  A very generous of travel within the level slots allow for its use without having to constantly re-position it within the telescope focuser.

Martin Lewis tells you what an ADC is and how it works

And here is a review of ZWO s ADC by John Boudreau

The use of a Barlow or focal extender is recommended to enhance image size and detail

The prisms are the heart of the ADC

Material: H-K9L(Schott BK7)

Surface Accuracy: /10@632.8nm

Deviation Angle: 2°


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