AO-8A -Adaptive Optics unit for Aluma cameras

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AO-8A -Adaptive Optics unit for Aluma cameras
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The AO-8A is designed for the Aluma Camera Series.

The AO-8A requires an off-axis guide camera behind the device.  We recommend using the FW8G-Aluma filter wheel.  The AO-8A can also be used with a Remote Guide Head if you have a custom Off-Axis Guider.

AO Results

The images below are actual star images showing the effect of image wander corrected at 1 Hz and 10 Hz:

ao_mov_1hz1 Hz Corrections

10 Hz Corrections

And the resulting size of the star image in a long exposure:

1 Hz Corrections

10 Hz Corrections

Other data gathered by Brad Wallis of JPL (Brad Wallis and Benoit Schillings developed the prototype for the original AO-7) show the the effect of rapid corrections on poor seeing.  At 1 Hz the larger, slower component is reduced, but the amplitude of the jitter remains about the same:

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