Baader 2" Cool-Ceramic Safety Herschel Prism (Photographic) # HERSCH-P 2956500P

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Baader 2" Cool-Ceramic Safety Herschel Prism (Photographic) # HERSCH-P 2956500P
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  • 2 ", 23 ° Safety Herschel Prism, utilizing special Phantom Group® coatings for glare control. 2 ClickLock® eyepiece holder.
  • Photographic Version includes 4 ND-filters - 2" 0,6/0,9/1,8/3,0, Solar-Continuum Filter 2" and Padded Case #2452115.
  • There is no better and safer method for uncompromising sharp solar observation / photography in white light.
  • A special heat absorbing ceramic element traps radiant heat similar to the space shuttle heat tiles - without heating the surrounding area too. The fully enclosed housing adds to the safety and prevents the risk of glare.

Baader 2" Cool-Ceramic Safety Herschel prism, Visual and photographic

There is no better way for uncompromising Solar Observation / Solar Photography in white light


Every Solar Diagonal needs additional neutral density filters since the reflected energy of the first surface prism (4.6%) still is a factor of 1000 too large for the human eye. All Baader Solar Diagonals are delivered with a pre-mounted ND 3.0 Baader precision 2 light reduction filter. The photographic version includes other ND-Filters to achieve shorter exposure times. Use with care!

  • Space-Technology: The exiting beam in the Baader Safety Herschel Wedge is fed into a heat cage separated from the prism body. Like on a Space Shuttle a ceramic tile forming the back end of the heat cage absorbs the radiant heat without overheating its surroundings. The closed prism body offers perfect safety for educational work.
  • Solar Finder: The translucent ceramic tile acts as projection screen for the unfocused image of the Sun. Aiming the telescope at the Sun becomes very easy.
  • ClickLock 2 Clamp: Securely clamp any eyepiece with only the push of a lever. Change eyepieces single handedly even in winter with heavy gloves.
  • Filter Holder: A 2 /M48 threaded ring couples the 2 ClickLock-Clamp to the body of the Safety Herschel Wedge and acts as a filter holder for 2 filters.
  • Solar Continuum Filter (10nm HBW/540nm CWL): Included as standard filter
  • Optional recommended accessories:2 Baader Polarizer-Filter (# 2408342) mounts into any 2 eyepiece or 2 to 1.25 reducer for adjusting image brightness simply by rotating the eyepiece. Reducer ring 2 to T-2 (#1508035) allows to mount any DSLR-camera T-mount directly on top of the Solar Diagonal body

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