Baader 2" UVIR filter

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Baader 2" UVIR filter
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Baader UV-IR Cut L Filter - 2" Mounted

The Baader UV-IR Cut/L Filter is a must for all digital imaging with DSLR cameras, CCD cameras, and modified webcams. It removes the unwanted UV and IR wavelengths from your images by blocking UV below 400 nm and IR above 680 nm. The Baader UV-IR Cut filter is also useful for protecting valuable H-Alpha filters from heat stress and damaging IR (Daystar, etc). This UV-IR Cut filter is mounted in a 2" threaded low profile cell.

Due to their extremely high optical quality, these filters may be stacked and used far in front of the focal plane (necessary for imaging uses). Like the Baader Planetarium Contrast-Booster, the UV / IR Cut filter uses the very latest coating technology to deliver the finest filtration quality, and lifetime durability.

Baader UV / IR Cut Filter Features:

  • Unmatched 98% average transmission

  • Freedom from ghost images; very low reflection multi-coating, striae-free, and plane-parallel substrate

  • Extremely sharp cutoff at 690 nm but leaves all the visible red, including the important 656 nm H-alpha emission line

  • Sharp cutoff below 400 nm

  • Eliminates violet halos around bright stars, more effectively than simpler Minus Violet photographic filters

  • True optical quality glass substrate and coatings; don't spend all your money on quality telescope optics, only to place a lower grade filter in the light path

  • Combine with any of the Baader filters to deliver the sharpest images possible

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