CEM60 w/ high-performance encoders

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CEM60 w/ high-performance encoders
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The All NEW iOptron® CEM60-EC

With high precision encoder.

An extraordinary innovation in mount design...Now with a new payload!

This past year we introduced a new design concept -- the center-balanced equatorial mount (or CEM) called the ZEQ25. Now, we're proud to introduce the CEM60-EC with high precision encoder and sub-arcsecond PE! -- with an increased payload of 60 lbs! The CEM60-EC puts the weight of the payload at the center of gravity allowing for greater natural stability. This makes the mount extremely light compared to its payload--a nice benefit when setting up at a remote site. And polar aligning is quick and accessible all the time since the polar scope is not blocked by the declination shaft.

The CEM60-EC is equipped with the most advanced GOTONOVA® GOTO technology, making it one of the most powerful and accurate GOTO mounts available. Its database includes over 300,000 objects. The other features include an adjustable counterweight bar, magnetically loaded gear system, gear switches on both R.A. and DEC axes, screw/worm type latitude adjuster and built-in or customized cable management system. The CEM60-EC- a new category (and payload capacity) of for viewing and astrophotography.

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