Gran Turismo 102mm Twenty Years Anniversary Edition (Blue)

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Gran Turismo 102mm Twenty Years Anniversary Edition (Blue)
Part Number: A-F102GTSB-VP20A
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Soft carry bag included!

The new GT102 three-element super APO Anniversary offer superb quality for imaging and visual use at an affordable price.

Package includes:

-GT 102 three element design with center FPL-53 and other ED element glass (air spaced)

-Mounting rings

-Retractable dew shield with lock screw

-All-new 3" Victory Edition Diamond Crayford design (Zero image shift)

-2 speed knobs 1:10

-Aperture: 102mm F6.9

-Free vixen style dovetail plate

-Weight: 11 lb

-Length: 27"


Attention to detail

• Highly precise CNC machined lens cell.

• Triple testing each lens by Zygo test to ensure the best optical quality.

Gran Turismo 102 Photo Performance by Yokoyama kasuak

GT81 Performance

GT81 Performance

GT81 Performance

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