IDAS LPS-D1- clip in filter for Nikon D5300,5500, 5600

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IDAS LPS-D1- clip in filter for Nikon
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Outstanding optical properties

Enhancing contrast

Light pollution suppression (LPS) filters are designed to suppress the common emission lines generated by artificial lighting, yet allow the important nebula emission lines to pass, thus enhancing the contrast of astronomical objects, particularly emission nebulae.

IDAS filters are developed for astrophotography

Unlike other light pollution suppression filters, IDAS filters are specifically designed for balanced color transmission using the IDAS unique Multi-Bandpass Technology (MBT) process. The balanced transmission allows color photographs to be taken with minimal color cast to broadband emission objects such as stars, galaxies and globular clusters. The comparison photos at right demonstrate (qualitatively) that the IDAS filter maintains better color balance than other filters which have been designed for visual use.

Main characteristics of the IDAS LPS D1 stray light filter:
Especially designed for DSLR and single-shot CCD colour cameras
High quality anti-reflective coatings

Easy to use technical solution

No optical path length needed:

Correctors or flatteners can be used as before. Use many telephoto lenses without focusing complications. Additionally, the sensor chip is protected against dust.

This filter is integrated into the camera body.

Camera body front filters are mounted in a holder which goes between the camera´s lens bayonet and the viewing mirror. These may be quickly and easily inserted or removed from the camera body as required by the user. Front filters provide the additional benefit of protecting the camera´s image sensor from dust accumulation.

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