Attaching Heaters
Generally, our heaters wrap around your optics, label side out and are held in place by elastic/Velcro attachments. The heaters for Newtonian/Dobsonian Secondary Mirrors, depending on which model you purchase, are either placed on the backside of the secondary and can be held in place by using the polyester batting found inside the secondary mirror holder (heaters #2016, 2017, 2018, DG-1, DG-2, DG-3) or will wrap around the secondary mirror stalk (heaters #2028 & 2028-S). Newtonian Primary Mirror Heaters sit behind the primary mirror in contact with the back side of the mirror. Your mirror holder must allow for removal of your primary mirror to accomodate a primary mirror heater.

Eyepiece Heaters
Customers regularly ask if eyepiece heaters are necessary. They are just as much a necessity as the heater for the main lens or mirror in your telescope. In cool environments, moisture from your eye condenses on the eyepiece glass and without heat, is very difficult or impossible to remove.

Heater Specifications

Below, we provide a breakdown of the wattage and amperage of most of the Premier Heaters we make. This will aid in choosing the correct controller for your system as your controller must be able to handle the amperage requirements of your heaters, no matter what controller setting you use. For example, if you set your controller to operate at 30%, the heaters will draw their full amperage 30% of the time. The other 70% of the time they will be off.

NOTE: It is important to note that the ratings quoted below are true if your controller is set to operate at a 100% setting. To clarify, if you set your controller to operate at 30%, the heaters will draw their full amperage, but only 30% of the time. The other 70% of the time they will be off. Also, these heaters are intentionally designed to generate more heat than our competitors heaters as they are designed to perform under ALL conditions.

Item No.HeaterWattageAmperageHeater Dimensions
Heater Dimensions
2003Telrad Heater60.450 x 90 mm2" x 3.5"
2003-RDFRed Dot Finder Heater2.50.2Press fitPress fit
2004.965" Eyepiece Heater2.50.216 x 75 mm1/2" x 3"
20051.25" Eyepiece Heater30.216 x 125 mm1/2" x 5"
20062" Eyepiece Heater40.316 x 175 mm1/2" x 7"
2006-LDEW-Minator Large Eyepiece Heater100.875 x 205 mm3" x 8"
20073" Optic Heater100.825 x 280 mm1" x 11"
20084" Optic Heater110.925 x 370 mm1" x 14.5"
20095" Optic Heater151.225 x 460 mm1" x 18"
20106" Optic Heater17.51.425 x 560 mm1" x 22"
20117/8" Optic Heater201.625 x 660 mm1" x 26"
20129/10" Optic Heater25225 x 890 mm1" x 35"
201311" Optic Heater282.325 x 965 mm1" x 38"
201412" Optic Heater332.625 x 1115 mm1" x 44"
201514/16" Optic Heater524.125 x 1270 mm1" x 50"
2005-B1Bino-viewer Heaters for eyepieces up to 1.5 inch barrel diameter.50.416 x 125 mm1/2" x 5"
2005-B2Bino-viewer Heaters for eyepieces over 1.5 inch barrel diameter.8.616 x 175 mm1/2" x 7"
2016Secondary Mirror heater for Newtonian secondary mirror 1.83" to 2.14"2.50.244 x 66 mm ellipse1.75" x 2.6" ellipse
2017Secondary Mirror heater for Newtonian secondary mirror 2.5" to 3.40"40.350 x 90 mm2.5" x 3.625"ellipse
2018Secondary Mirror heater for Newtonian secondary mirror 4.00" and up90.750 x 90 mm3.75"x5.50"ellipse
2019Electronic Hand Control Pad Heater10.857mm x 165mm2.25" x 6.5"
2020Eyepiece Box Heater100.857mm x 165mm2.25" x 6.5"
2022Rigel Quik Finder Heater2.50.216 x 75 mm.5" x 3"

The table below will help you to determine which heater is the right one for you scope.

.965"for .965" eyepieces and finder scope eyepieces
1.25"for 1.25" eyepieces
2"For 2" eyepieces, 50 mm finder scope objectives, smaller camera lenses. Can also be used on 1.25" oculars but a bit big. To use on 1.25" oculars just slip heater off 2" eyepiece and hang over 1.25" eyepiece.
3"will fit 3.5" to 5" OD (90mm to 130mm OD)
4"will fit 5" to 5.5" OD (130mm to 145mm OD)
5"will fit 5.5" to 6.5" OD (140mm to 165mm OD)
6"will fit 6.5" to 8" OD (165mm to 200mm OD)
7/8"For Meade 7" refractor, 7" Maksutov-Cassegrain, 8" SCT, Celestron C8, Astro Physics 7" Refractor. Will fit 8" to 9.5" OD (200mm to 250mm OD)
9/10"For Celestron C9.25, Meade 10". Will fit 10" to 12.5" OD (250mm to 310mm OD)
11"For Celestron C11. Will fit 12.5" to 13.5" OD (310mm to 340mm)
12"For Meade 12 SCT. Will fit 13.5" to 15.5" OD (340mm to 400mm OD)
14/16"For Celestron C14 & Meade 16" SCT. Will fit 15.5" to 18" OD (400mm to 460mm OD)
Laptop computer heaterFor all lap top computers, can also be used on for desktop CPUs that are exposed to cold temperatures. Also makes a great seat warmer!
GoTo Telescope Control Pad HeaterFor Meade, Celestron, Orion, SynScan & other GoTo Telescope hand held control pads. Keeps control pads working in cold winter temperatures.
Eyepiece box heaterFor eyepiece and accessory boxes. Can also be used as a seat warmer.