LINX power panel

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Kendrick LINX Power Panel
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NEW>>> LINX Power Panel

At only 5.5" X 3.5" X 1.5" and only 7 ounces, it is small enough in size/weight to mount atop your telescope and delivers up to 30 Amps to your power hungry devices. Also available with a built-in 8V DSLR Power Supply. Just add our DSLR Battery Adapter

How do you make a Power Panel so small and lightweight?

Ditch the Cigarette Lighter Plug! All new Kendrick Controllers and Power Panels can handle a lot of power, but a cigarette lighter plug can't handle more than 7 Amps. By using Anderson Power Poles, each plug can handle as much as 30 Amps. They have several added advantages: 1) Very small and light 2) They stay plugged-in! 3) They can be "stacked" into a "bank" of plugs which is a great way to speed-up set-up and tear-down of you gear.

It's easy to convert your existing cords to the new Anderson plugs and we have great support staff who will help you learn how to do it! Anderson Connectors are clever "gender-less" connectors which allows you to mate plugs to make extension cords. We offer pre-welded (glued) pairs of plugs complete with 30 Amp contacts. Each pair can be "snap-locked" to other pairs to making a nifty wiring harness!

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