Moonlite Nightcrawler

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Moonlite Nightcrawler
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MoonLite s NiteCrawler models are a fully electronic focuser that uses fly by wire control technology for very accurate positioning in both focus and rotation. The patented design is intended for remote automation of large heavy imaging instruments providing extreme position accuracy that is repeatable down to .26 Microns. Vertical focus motion is handled by 3 Stainless Steel rails riding on 6 large 1/2" bearings under large pre load pressure. This allows the focuser to maintain center line mechanical point even with huge instrument loads hanging on it. Rotation is provided by an inner and out drawtube riding on a double row bearing track providing extreme rigidity. The drawtube is designed just like a tall bearing, but in this case is hollow. The Large stainless steel lead screws provide very accurate position and no backlash up to 25 lb instrument loads. The focuser holds heavy loads even with the power off and remembers position on power up, no need to re-home each time it is turned on.

The design of the NiteCrawler uses positioning technology currently in use in todays CNC machines. The NiteCrawler has a built in controller with display for positional information. It also provides manual Jog handles/ knobs on encoders for both focus and rotation input right at the focuser. The Jog rate of the input knobs can be selected on the controller allowing the user to pick the resolution of each click on the knob. Note the knobs have a 32 position indent feel, so each click of the knob will move the selected axis 1 unit or multiples of one unit depending on the jog rate picked.

ASCOM drivers and SKYX direct plug, or our MoonLite program can be used to operate the focuser remotely.

The NiteCrawler is offered in three format sizes:
WR25  2.5 format  $3069.99
WR30  3.0 format  $3369.99
WR35  3.5 format $3699.99

Please indicate the Telescope that you will be mounting this focuser on so that the correct flange is supplied.  1 Flange is included

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