Motor Only Focus Kit SCT C6, 8 , 9.25

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Motor Only Focus Kit SCT C6, 8 , 9.25
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Focus accurate and fast your Celestron SCT telescope using our powerful motor focus kit SCT. This high resolution geared box has a 0,06 degree step size can can easily lift more than 6 Kg (per cm). Its high torque is suitable for lifting heavy imaging equipment. Moreover motor’s gearbox has a low backlash which can easily tuned using backlash compensation in imaging software. An RJ45 socket pinout can be easily converted to a compatible pinout with Moonlite and Robofocus controllers.

Pulley and Belt design allows the motor to stay away from your filter wheel (and not collide with it) when you use a focal reducer. Its sophisticated bracket design can fit to all Celestron SCTs

Note: You will need a stepper controller to drive the motor. Check our Dual Motor Focus Controller

A special shaped blue anodised aluminium bracket, hard to bend, can be attached to all Celestron SCT telescopes. We have successfully installed it on:

  • Celestron EdgeHD 8, 9.25 , 11, 14
  • Celestron SCT C6, C8, C925, C11, C14



What the Motor Focus Kit SCT package includes:

  • High resolution geared stepper motor (Step Angle 7.5, Deg 120, Gear Ration 1:120). Its gearbox has very low backlash and high torque suitable to focus in micron scale.
  • Blue Aluminium Anodised Bracket for Celestron SCT Telescopes
  • 20cm 2GT Timing Belt
  • 13 mm Pulley 2GT (6”,8”,9.25”) or 22mm Pulley 2GT (11” ,14” Celestron)
  • Bolts

Note: Controller is not included in the Motor Focus Kit SCT package

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