Nikon T2 adapter

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Nikon-T2 adapter has two parts(Nikon-T2 adapter and T2-extender), suitable for all ASI cameras

This new type is unadjustable.

Nikon-T2 adapter without T2-extender is suitable for 17.5mm backfocus cameras(including 6.5mm backfocus camera with 11mm ring)


Nikon-T2 adapter with T2-extender is suitable for all 12.5mm backfocus cameras.


You can use 2? IR-CUT filter by the adapter.


What’s in box?


NOTICE: G-type Nikkor lenses need to find some way to open the aperture up.( for exemple, using an orthodontic rubber band to hold the little aperture tab on the lens in the “open” position.)

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