Omni 102mm Alt/Az

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Celstron Omni 90mm Alt/Az
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All-New Omni AZ Mount 

For years, Celestron s Omni equatorial mount has set the industry standard for elegant design. With this new addition to the lineup, our engineers have brought that same level of sophistication to an altazimuth mount. Designed from the ground up, it s our best manual AZ mount ever. 

Worm gears on both axes provide smooth, easy motion when tracking targets. Plus, you ll find slip clutches in both axes for quick and easy pointing. A sturdy aluminum tripod anchors Omni AZ and stabilizes your images. Your Omni AZ comes together in just minutes with a simple, no-tool setup. 

Stunning Views, Day to Night

Omni AZ is the ideal telescope for day-to-night observations. A dual-position arm can be raked back for pointing higher in the sky, or adjusted to point downward for viewing objects at or below the horizon. Perfect for balconies, high windows, and observation decks, Omni provides stunning views of wildlife, landscapes, and more. Plus, its beautiful design makes it a showpiece in any room. 

High Quality XLT Optics 

Celestron s Omni family has always been synonymous with bright, clear views. You ll find the same high quality optical components in our new AZ telescopes. All optical surfaces on the Omni XLT AZ 102 are fully coated with XLT optical coatings. This proprietary technology found on our observatory-grade telescopes ensures maximum light transmission and Omni s signature crisp views. 

The 102 mm refractor provides enough light-gathering ability to view all the best celestial objects in the solar system and beyond. The telescope s wide field of view allows you to appreciate extended objects such as the Pleiades Star Cluster, Andromeda Galaxy, or simply panning the Milky Way. Some telescopes can invert or flip your subjects, but Omni XLT AZ 102 includes erect image optics for correctly oriented images. Your Omni AZ telescope also includes a high-quality 25 mm Plossl eyepiece. 

Locating Objects is Easier than Ever 

From a perching shorebird to a distant galaxy, zero in on your subject quickly and accurately with our all-new StarPointer Pro reticle finderscope. Instead of a red dot, which can obscure your target, StarPointer Pro projects a dual circle reticle. Place your subject in the center of the circles, and you re ready to view it with your Omni AZ telescope. It s that easy. 


·         Optical Design Refractor 

·         Aperture 102mm 

·         Focal Length 660mm 

·         Focal Ration f/6.5 

·         Optical Coatings Fully XLT coated glass optics 

·         Eyepiece/Magnification 25mm Plossl (1.25) / 26x 

·         Star Diagonal Erect image 90 degree (1.25) 

·         Finderscope StarPointer Pro red LED with dual circle reticle 

·         Other Accessories SkyPortal app 

·         Resolution Rayleigh: 1.37 arc seconds / Dawes Limit: 1.14 arc seconds 

·         Light Gathering Power 212x the unaided eye 

·         Highest Useful Magnification 240x 

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