QHY M54 Canon Lens Adapter - 10mm

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QHY M54 Canon Lens Adapter - 10mm
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Canon Lens adapter for QHY Cooled CMOS  (COLDMOS) cameras.

QHYCCD ColdMOS cameras with colour sensor such as QHY163C, QHY183C, QHY174C, ...

  1. QHY163C type ColdMOS camera (Standard T2 adapter must be removed): 9/9.5 mm
  2. 020063 adapter: 1 mm
  3. 020079 spacer: 3 mm
  4. Medium spacer kit 020087: use one 3 mm spacer
  5. 020088 spacer: 14 mm
  6. 020070 adapter: 4 mm
  7. Canon EOS bayonet adapter M54 (020071): 10 mm

Total: 44 mm (Canon EOS EF-mount back focus). It is not possble to mount filters with this combination. Please note however that QHYCCD ColdMOS cameras QHY163C, QHY183C, etc. already have IR-Cut window.

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