QHY174M-GPS Time Domain Imager TEC Cooled.

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QHY174M-GPS Time Domain Imager TEC Cooled.
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The QHY174's most interesting feature is the optional precision GPS time functions.  The QHY174M-GPS will record the global shutter exposure starting and ending time with microsecond precision.  Two QHY174 cameras, for example, each located anywhere in the world, can have the same time base, accurate to microseconds.  In order to guarantee the starting and ending time of the exposure, the QHY174 has a built-in LED pulse calibration circuit precise to 1 microsecond.

The QHY174 camera is designed to be an excellent planetary, lunar, solar and meteor capture video camera. With a 50mm F1.4 lens it will record mag 8 to mag 9 stars in live video recording at 30FPS (33ms exposure), several magnitudes fainter than can typically be seen with the naked eye.  The QHY174's high sensitivity with HD resolution will push video astronomy to new heights.

There main differentiating features of this camera over competing models:
1.    Optional GPS time and location data embedded in the image
2.    Anti-dew heater to eliminate condensation and ice from forming on the camera
3.    Anti-amp glow circuit to reduce the amplifier glow in long duration images
4.    128MB DDR memory to speed download times and reduce dropped frames.

Working Modes

Master mode:  In Master Mode, the camera is free running and the internal 10MHz GPS synced clock will measure and record the shutter's opening and closing time.

Slave mode:  In Slave Mode you can input a target start time and the interval period for two frames. For example: You want three cameras in different locations (maybe thousands of kilometers apart) to start an exposure at 2016.3.9.UTC 14:00:00.000000 and then to continue with exposures at the interval time of 0.100000 sec.  After you input these value, all the three cameras will wait until this time and then simultaneously start video recording, e.g.:

2016.3.9 UTC 14:00:00.000033
2016.3.9 UTC 14:00:00.100033
2016.3.9 UTC 14:00:00.200033
2016.3.9 UTC 14:00:00.300033
(The 0.00033 is a global delay of the CMOS shutter).

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