STC Astro Duo-Narrowband Filter

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STC Astro Duo-Narrowband Filter
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Astro Duo-Narrowband filter is designed to capture specific wavelengths of gaseous and planetary nebulae. Of particular interest to astrophotographers is the Ha emission line at 656nm and OIII lines at 500nm, performing high transmissions and rejecting light pollution as well as the important blocking of longer wavelengths. It brings more detail and contrast in your image.
The professional Ion Beam-assisted deposition and AR coating technology is applied on Schott optical glass to ensure higher durability and excellent image quality.

  • STC Astro Duo-Narrowband filter can reduce the interference from artificial lighting in the city ,and enhance the wave length of Ha and OIII.
  • IBAD (Ion beam-assisted deposition) coating technology makes the glass higher durability and easily cleaning, and preventing aging variation in optical spectral characteristics due to temperature and humidity change.
  • Matte black anodized and Teflon-coated frame design eliminates flare and easy to install or remove from your lens.
Elephant's Trunk Nebula by AstroBackyard

The Elephant's Trunk Nebula using the Duo-Narrowband Filter with the ZWO ASI294 MC Pro. AstroBackyard

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