Camera, dew heater, and controller not included
Camera, dew heater, and controller not included

Small Camera-Cozy Body Sock for DSLR cameras

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Small Camera-Cozy Body Sock for DSLR cameras
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his product is designed specifically for all the photograpers out there, whether you be astrophotographers or nature photographers who are having a problem with dew or frost on your camera lenses and camera body.

Camera lenses will quickly fog or frost over when taking long exposure, outdoor photographs, ruining what may be hours of work. As well, despite manufacturers efforts to prevent moisture intrusion internally into a DSLR camera body, moisture can intrude internally and ruin a camera's electronics.

Our Camera heater products allow you to heat any lens or camera body, effectively chasing away moisture and frost. As well, we offer a number of 12 volt power packs that will adequately provide power to your heater system for a full night or longer.

As a minimum, you will need a heater strap and a heater controller. The controller allows you to make adjustments to the how warm the heater will get (in the winter you will choose a higher setting and in the summer a lower setting).

NOTE: The Camera Cozy body sock is NOT heated, only the lens heater provides heat. A cool camera takes better long-exposure images! The cozy keeps your camera dry.

The loose fitting sock, which is itself unheated, is anchored over the camera lens, can be easily lifted over the camera body to give access to the LCD Display, buttons, plugs and camera controls. The Camera-Cozy Body Sock may also be purchased separately, without the heater and controller. The purpose of the sock is to prevent moisture from settling onto the camera body and its electrical connectors.

We recommend that you put your heaters in place at the beginning of a photography session and turn your controller on immediately. In the summer, choose about a setting of about 40% to 60%, in the winter, 80 to 100%.

If moisture has already condensed on your lens, we recommend drying the lens and then putting the lens cover in place. Turn the heater on high and waiting 20 to 30 minutes. Once the moisture has cleared, lower your controller setting and resume your photography.

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