StarField 50mm Guide Scope package

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SOLD OUT!!!  A newly designed Gudie scope is coming by the end of December 2020!

This combo includes two kits!

Guide Camera Kit: The Altair Astro GPCAM2AR120 Mono Guide Camera kit, which includes:
  • Altair Astro GPCAMAR130 Mini Mono Guide Camera with ST4 Port
  • Sharpcap Pro for 1 year.  Download Sharpcap pro and it will detect the Altair Camera
  • Clear Optical window with AR coatings
  • 1.25" Nosepiece/Barrel with 1.25" Filter thread on front
  • ST4 Cable
  • USB Cable

Guide Scope Kit: The Starfield 60mm Guide Scope kit, which includes:

50mm F3.4 guidescope with Helical Focuser with Lens diameter: 50mm Adjustable micro-focuser Fully multi-coated doublet Built-in Dew-shield Collimating Rings and Dovetail included Accecpts 1.25" eyepieces & accessories High quality all-metal construction Fits 50mm F4.1 guidescope with Helical Focuser.  Fully multi-coated doublet Built-in Dew-shield, Rings and stalk.  Accepts 1.25" eyepieces & accessories High quality all-metal construction Fits Celestron, Skywatcher, Vixen & GSO type saddles.

Internals are painted matt-black to reduce reflections and increase contrast. The built-in dew-shield further reduces reflections and protects the guide-scope's optics from condensation.

The non-rotating focuser assembly guarantees that the camera will not turn while focusing which in turn aids framing.

  • 50mm guide scope with bright, wide-field optics puts numerous potential guide stars in view so you'll never have to search for one!
  • 205mm Focal length
  • Very small and compact autoguiding system adds hardly any weight to an astrophotography setup and can conveniently be stashed in an accessory case between uses
  • Heavy duty non-rotatiing helcial focuser with locking screws.  
  • Fits standard Celestron, Skywatcher, Vixen & GSO type saddles.
  • Includes Universal finder show

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