Starfield 90mm f/5.5 ED Doublet

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Starfield 90mm f/5.5 ED Doublet
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  •  Aperture 90 mm / focal length 500 mm
  • Very fast f/5.5 lens for short exposure times
  • Perfect travel telescope with only 410 mm transport length.  Hard Case included
  • Rack and Pinion 2 speed focuser to support a CCD and DSLR camera.  Fully rotatable. 
  • High-quality 2 element FPL-51 ED fully multi-coated lens for an image without chromatic error
  • Twist Lock compression adapter for both 2" and 1.25" accessories.  Securely hold your equipment in place
  • Heavy duty rings with a vixen style dovetail for a solid mounting.

A grab and go scope with a punch.  This ED90 doublet is a very fast refractor and will produce bright and high contrast images.   

The super wide field can give you a view of  almost 5° !!  Views of large nebula like M42 and the  Pleiades will fill the eyepiece.    Use it to sweep the Milky way.

Visual users will want to add our 2" 90 degree diagonal with Axial Lock.

When it comes to astrophotography the 90mm allows for short exposure times thanks to its fast focal ration of f/5.5.   Through the ED element, the chromatic aberration is very well kept under control, so this apo can be used for a multitude of targets.   Astrophographers will want to add a field flattner like our Starfield 1.0x flattener.  

 The 2" Focuser features a Helical Gear Drive plus 8 Ball Bearings System.   It does not only keep the focuser always paralleled the optic axis, but also keep it moved very smoothly when it’s focusing. With its Unique Lock Function the focus lock grabs the rack & pinion & drawtube in two directions.  It totally breaks the traditional single point fixed design in the market!! 

Complete with a retractable dew shield, heavy duty rings that offer the ability to add accessories.  A carry handle, and vixen style finder shoe are standard.  To make the package complete it comes in its own hard case with die-cut foam. 

Imaging Excellence

With its wide field, you can fit large objects like the Orion nebula and the Running man nebula in the frame. image2

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