Starwave 200mm Vixen Style Dovetail Bar

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Starwave 200mm Vixen Style Dovetail Bar
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The Starwave Vixen-format dovetail bar allows easy attachment of your telescope tube rings at various positions along it's length.


  • 3x 35mm length centre slotted holes, which are counterbored to M6 screw size, to fit most telescopes on the market.
  • The dovetail bar is 15mm thick made from aluminium alloy and hard-coated in matt-black.
  • Please note, width is 1.75" / 44.45mm - be sure to check your existing dovetail clamp is compatible, or buy a Starwave one. 
  • 4x pairs of counterbored M6 holes are spaced along it's length (8x holes in total), enabling the attachment of:
  • Starwave 110mm Guide Scope Rings (code: SW-GSR-110) and coming soon.
  • Starwave Mini-Vixen Dovetail Clamp (code: SW-MINI-VIX-CLAMP) to either end using M6 screws with corresponding M6 locking nuts.
  • Altair 60mm Miniguider (code: MINI-GUIDER-60) can be attached to either end, using the guide scope rings from the Altair Miniguider 60, by means of 2x M5 screws with corresponding M5 locking nuts and washers.

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