Starwave Red tube 102mm F11 Achromat

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Starwave Classic 102mm F11 Achromat Refractor Telescope with 2" Crayford Focuser
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This Telescope is no longer offered, and ahs been replaced with a new ED version.  You can find it HERE

The Starwave Classic 4" F11 refractor employs a well figured, carefully mounted Achromat lens of Ohara-Japan glass with the best anti-reflection coatings. Lenses are tested at every stage of production with a unique serial number, which is signed off by the optician in charge of the production run. Achromats are "new-old" favourite with in-the-know refractor enthusiasts for general visual observing, and long focal length refractors are paritcularly sought after for planetary, lunar, double star, and of course solar observing or imaging. 
Starwave Classic achromats should not be confused with cheap mass-produced achromatic refractors because they are in a different class entirely.
Optical charateristics: The Starwave TM Classic 4" F11 Achromat refractor sports hand figured optics at a long F11 focal ratio made from top quality Japanese Ohara glass, free from striae and internal stresses. This leads to a lens which holds it's own at high powers where others fall away. Four inches of aperture gives about 62% more light grasp than an 80mm refractor. The optics are optimised in green light which is the wavelength most visible to the human eye. This, and the long focal length of 1120mm provides a much better level of colour correction and therefore contrast than short focal ratio achromat refractors. A minus violet filter removes residual chromatic aberration on very bright objects at high powers like Venus for example. Field curvature (a feature of all refractors) is for all intents and purposes invisible at this focal ratio, and therefore deep-sky observing is a treat. (Try Altair KITAKARU RPL Orthoscopic Eyepieces!). Planetary images are crisp and sharp with relatively high magnification afforded by the long focal length, which means you can use larger long eye relief eyepieces too. Solar observing with a filter is also very rewarding at this unobstructed focal length, as is eyepiece projection. Finally cool-down is quick with little change in lens characteristics as temperature changes, making this an ideal telescope to keep in the lounge of conservatory, ready for a quick observing session. The Starwave Classic looks the part of a classical refractor too, and is a real talking point in any lounge or on any balcony.
Optical tube assembly: The CNC machined tube construction and lens quality is better than the cheap achromats flooding the market these days. Tough glossy automative grade paint on the tube is easy to clean and very tough. The internally baffled aluminium tube achieves thermal equilibrium quickly, minimising the formation of tube currents, and permits the use of Kendrick Dew Control System heaters to easily transfer heat to the optics. The 2" rotating Dual-Speed Crayford focuser has a smooth action, with a tension-adjuster on the underside. A 250mm Vixen/Synta-format dovetail bar is supplied together with CNC machined tube rings. A finder mounting bracket is included, mounted on the focuser, compatible with most finder scopes including the Altair 60mm Deluxe Finder Scope. 
Recommended for refractor fans who want a well made achromat with modern optical coatings, and a smooth dual speed Crayford focuser.
Starwave 102mm F11 Achromat Specifications:
102mm F11 Achromat doublet with full multicoatings on all surfaces. Ohara Japan glass.
Temperature compensated lens cell with full collimation adjustment.
2" 360° rotating Crayford focuser.
Weight incl. Rings & Dovetail bar: 4.6kg (10lbs 4 ozs)
OTA Length (dewshield retracted): 1 metre (39")
OTA Length (dewshield extended): 1.2 metre (47")

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