ZWO IR 850nm filter

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ZWO IR 850nm Pass Filter suitable for IR sensitive cameras.
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The ZWO IR Pass Filter allows infrared light with wavelengths of more than 850nm to pass, effectively removing the part of the spectrum that is sensitive to bad seeing. When you image the planets or Moon with a monochrome or color IR sensitive astro-imaging camera and the ZWO 850nm IR Pass Filter, the results will be improved considerably when seeing conditions are less than ideal, or when the object is near the horizon. It is also possible to image the planets during daylight hours due to the dark background sky created by the 850nm IR Pass Filter.

The ZWO 850nm IR Pass filter is housed in a 1.25 cell. The filter comes with a protective plastic case.

To see the unseen: ASI224MC+850nm IR filter + 2.1mm lens.

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