ZEQ25GT payload rating

The iOptron ZEQ25GT is rated for 27lbs.   You can decide on the 1.5" tripod, or the 2" tripod.  The biggest advantage of the 2" tripod is the added height that you will get with it.  

But this is what I would like to show everyone.

credit to Paul Chasse for making this video

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iOptron ZEQ25 guiding

iOptron ZEQ25 guiding

The ZEQ25GT continues to amaze!  For those of use that live in and near a city, or do not have a backyark observatory traveling to a dark sky location is what we need to do.   As much fun as it is to find that piece of dark sky and enjoy the night it can very quickly become a chore if you need to lug around a bunch of heave equipment.

The ZEQ25GT is not only a mighty mount and it light weight and easy to transport. It also is available with a case making the task even easier.   You can even get a case for the tripod!

What would make this even better?  How about knowing that your imaging setup is going to work well for you and is reliable.  Check out this video by Paul Chasse as he demonstrates how often the ZEQ25GT needs to be corrected while it is tracking an object.

Want to make it even easier?  Take a look at the LVI Smartguider 2.  Keep your laptop at home and control your DSLR camera from the LVI hand controller.  One less item to lug around, and power up!

The LVI Smartguider 2 Auto Guide system will control your ST4 mount, and a DSLR camera.  Less cables to fuss with, less items to power up, one simple to use interface.

Dont forget your DSLR control cable!
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