iOptron MAK150

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iOpton Maksutov-Cassegrain 150mm OTA
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Introducing the MAK 150! iOptron's first premium Maksutov-Cassegrain OTA.You have to try it to believe it!

The iOptron Rumak-type 150mm Maksutov-Cassegrain is perfect for the serious amateur astronomer who wants apochromatic refractor-type performance at an affordable price. In fact, the multicoated optics provide almost similar results as a 5-inch apochromatic refractor -- at a fraction of the cost.
You will be amazed at the images you'll see with the MAK 150 surprisingly. It resolves fine details in lunar and planetary subjects  splits closely-spaced binary stars and provides exploration of deep-sky objects. The precision design and engineering of the optics produces images you would not expect in such a light tube.
The MAK 150 from iOptron is the only MAK of its kind that comes with a dual speed focuser for fine-tuning your images. Also included is an attachable dew shield rare for a MAK for better performance in cold temperatures.

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