iOptron Pier Top Plate

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iOptron Pier Top Plate
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6" (150mm) iOptron Pier Top flange plate for building your own pier or modifying your existing tripod/pier.

Please specify in the order notes the mount that will be used for the pier plate.

  • Plate diameter: 6" (150mm) 
  • Three (3) M10 threaded through holes for MT/MT2/MTP (needs a T-bolt)
  • Four (4) M8 threaded through holes for CEM60/CEM60-EC (needs a center post), or iEQ45/iEQ45 Pro (needs a center post and a iEQ45 alignment peg) 
  • Four (4) M6 threaded through holes for iEQ30/iEQ30 Pro (needs a center post and a iEQ30 alignment peg). Due to the small mount base of iEQ30/iEQ30 Pro, the low latitude operation may be affected.

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