iOptron Solar 60 w/ Electronic Eyepiece

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iOptron Solar 60 w/ Electronic Eyepiece
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Ideal for watching sun spots or solar eclipses.

Watch sample video of Transit of Venus with the Solar 60
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New from iOptron -- The Solar 60TM computerized telescope system! Now your family or classroom can see sun spots right on a computer screen. The computerized telescope locates and auto-tracks to keep the sun (or moon, planets, and other celestial objects) in view. This is the ideal system to capture video or still photos of the sun spots and their movements. Set it up at home or school and everyone can see the daily changes in the sun spots. The Solar 60TM comes complete with the iE1300 electronic eyepiece and a threaded solar filter to switch to nightime viewing. Also included is a matching orange back pack for easy storage and travel.

Promotional Price $399.

Package includes:

  • SmartStar® CubeTM -E mount
  • 60mm refractor telescope with glass solar filter
  • 8405 GoToNova® hand controller
  • Controller cable
  • 1.3M electronic eyepiece
  • USB cable
  • 90º star diagnol
  • 25mm optial eyepiece
  • Tripod
  • Soft bag

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