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Large Prints - Print your images in various sizes
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Printed in house

Using large format printers we can print up to 42" wide and up to any length.   Common print sizes are 18x24, 24x32, 24x36 and 28x42.

Take your awesome Astrophotography image and have it printed in a large format to decorate your walls.  These prints are ready to hang or frame.  

Images need to be high resolution, and set for 300PPI.  Not to be confused with DPI, PPI is Pixel's Per Inch.  High resolution images that are set for large printing there is no detail loss.  This can be done with PixInsight, Photoshop, GIMP, and other image and graphics editors.  Check out out our tutorial in our FAQ on setting up your image for 300 PPI

Printed to be views from a few feet away, these prints will dazzle and AMAZE!     

Image files that can be printed:  TIFF, JPEG, PDF, DWF.   

Each file will be inspected prior to printing to make sure that they meet the requirements for large format printing.  We will advise what changes need to be made, and if we can will make them in house.  

Custom sizes are available and will be quoted.

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