Rainbow Astro RST-135

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Rainbow Astro RST-135
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The RST-135 uses a new type of gear, strain wave gear. Due to the strong force of the strain wave gear and the motor, counterweight is not needed. The mount weights only 3.3kg, but you can use a 13.5kg telescope. We call this breakthrough mount a Weightless Mount. The volume and weight of the mount is no longer a problem in a trip for astrophotography.

Compact and light
Mount weighs only 3.3kg. You do not need a separate bag for Mount. Just put it in your backpack.

No need counterweight
You do not need a counterweight to use a 13.5kg telescope.

Equatorial / Alt-Az dual Mount
You can easily change to Equatorial mode and Alt-Azi mode. Show your family a star easily in Alt-Azi mode.

Built-in WiFi
This Mount has built-in WiFi. You can control and auto-guide the mount without cable.

Built-in GPS receiver
Built-in GPS receiver eliminates the need to enter the location of the observer.

Strain wave gear
It is a new type of gear which is widely used in industrial robots. There is no backlash.

Now includes the newly desiged Polar Alignment base
  • Adjustment precision doubles
    The angle that changes when the adjustment knob is rotated one revolution has been changed
    Altitude: 2 degrees-> 1 degree
    Azimuth: 1.14 degrees-> 0.57 degrees
  • Altitude adjustment part backlash reduced
    Two additional bearings are used, and machining tolerances of the parts are minimized to significantly reduce backlash.
  • Increased adjustment convenience
    The shape of the altitude adjustment knob has been changed, making it easier to adjust without tools.
    As the bearing is added and the angle per rotation is reduced, a smaller force is required than before.
    The azimuth adjustment knob has been changed to allow the use of the T wrench provided with the mount.
  • Increased rigidity of the altitude adjustment part
    The possibility of breakage when operating with excessive force has been reduced.

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